Since there seems to be a recent surge in news regarding parents leaving their children in cars while they just “run in for something”

I’ve been thinking about all the times I was left in car (or, more likely, refused to go in). One time, in particular, sticks out:
I was waiting in the car at Giant Eagle, our home town grocery store, and it seemed like my parent (I think it was my dad?) was taking FOREVERRR. And I got hot (duh), so I opened the car door, but since the car was locked, opening the door set off the car alarm. I didn’t know how to turn it off and I was afraid someone would yell at me or something, so I laid down on the floor of the backseat and hid for what seemed like HOURS (probably five minutes) until it stopped. When my dad came back, I did not tell him about it.

Grocery shopping when you need to restock nearly all your toiletries is the WORST!

Hygiene and personal care! What gives?

Tamps, why you gotta be so expensive?

That extra strength deodorant? Good lord.


my night tonight is looking to be so domestic in all the ways i’m not looking forward to:

grocery shopping, laundry, and making dinner. not feeling any of them tonight, yet all three must be accomplished because I have been gone for a month, and therefore have a) no food in my pantry, b) no clean clothes, and c) no meals prepped for tomorrow/the rest of the week.

hopefully I can finish it all with enough time to spare that I can watch another episode or two of Band of Brothers and dream about WWII all night as a result.

This 9 second video is, without question, the best acting work that Sandra Oh has ever done.


We cool off.

Guys, if you ever want to feel more cool and sophisticated even if you’re just sitting at your desk

listen to the 60’s French Pop songza station.

i’m feeling much cooler than I have any right to at 12:48 on the Tuesday after vacation.

(also makes a great soundtrack for parties that are CLASSY and not “play flipcup until someone voms”)

So I ask the American commentators, please stop announcing that Landon Donovan is the “all-time U.S. leading goal scorer.” He is not. With 57 international goals, he’s not even in the Top Five.

The all-time U.S. leading goal scorer is Abby Wambach, with 167 goals, followed by Mia Hamm (158), Kristine Lilly (130), Michelle Akers (105) and Tiffeny Milbrett (100). In fact, Abby Wambach is the all-time leading goal scorer in the world, among all soccer players, male or female.