When you’re at the 2012 Westword Music Showcase milling about in the street drinking beers and trying not to overheat and you decide to make your way over to the stage to watch Girl Talk play and a girl comes up and asks if you want to dance on stage with Girl Talk, you say, “Yes. Obviously. Can I bring my friends? There are five of us.”

When she says yes, you follow her into the VIP area. When she brings you backstage, you stand there with your friends and the other lucky people picked to dance the shit out of it, and you laugh excitedly while asking everyone in sight “HOW IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING?”

When “Play Your Part Pt. 1” starts blasting, you run up on stage and spend the next two hours dancing and sweating and laughing next to Gregg Gillis in front of 10,000ish people and I promise you it will be amazing in every way possible.