getting really excited for Scott Hamilton’s “OHH HO HO HOOO” laugh whenever someone lands a particularly good jump during Sochi’s figure skating competition.


If all of the Olympics were reduced to just this one photo of Oscar Pistorius running with 5-year-old Ellie May Challis, by photographed by Andy Hooper, it would still be a feat of mankind.

Now competing on still rings:

Just For Men: Touch of Gray

Aliya Mustafina looks like she should be cast as the bad girl in a Bond movie.

Georgeanne Moline’s makeup when she runs the 400m hurdles looks better than my makeup when I have a big night out.

Texts From Joe:

"Wow. Olympics + James Bond + sailing stories. I feel like Mary Carillo has been reporting the last 2 nights specifically for your viewing pleasure."


The Olympic Stadium Sings “All You Need Is Love” - London 2012

Large crowd sing-alongs AND the Olympics! 

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Tonight’s Olympic tears brought to you by Missy Franklin’s interview/montage.

Missy Franklin’s “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” essay is going to be pretty spectacular this year.